Heating Oil Price Protection

Gold Standard Plan

When our customers treat us well, we like to return the favor.

If you've been a loyal customer and maintained an excellent credit standing, we want to help you save money with our Gold Standard Pricing Plan. As a Gold Standard customer, you get a lower price on #2 heating oil and kerosene, and if you sign up for automatic delivery, your savings will be even greater.

Pre-Buy Plan

Want to know the exact price you'll pay for heating fuel throughout the winter and avoid the hassle of fluctuating fuel prices?

With our Pre-Buy Plan, you'll be paying a fixed price for all the fuel you pre-purchase, so you won't have to worry about covering the cost if fuel prices spike. Sign up for this plan and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fuel costs even before temperatures drop.

Price Cap Plan

Want to make fluctuating fuel prices work in your favor and save money when prices drop?

Our Price Cap Plan comes with automatic downside protection, which means if fuel prices fall mid-winter, you get to pocket the savings. This plan also puts a cap on the price you have to pay, so if fuel prices end up rising, you'll still be protected. For a small upfront cost, the Price Cap Plan sets you up to take full advantage of changing fuel prices.

Downside Protection

When you sign up for Downside Protection, you get to save money if fuel prices fall during the winter. We offer Downside Protection for most of our plans. Contact one of our offices to get more information on how our price protection plans can help you stay warm and save money.